Long-Lasting Fresh Flowers in Summer: Bring the Beauty of the Season Indoors

Long-Lasting Fresh Flowers in Summer: Bring the Beauty of the Season Indoors

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  1. Sunflowers: Sunflowers are iconic flowers that symbolise summer. They thrive in full sun and heat. Sunflowers have strong stems and can last a long time if watered regularly. They add a cheerful look to any space and can be a real eye-catcher in a summer bouquet.

  2. Dahlias: Dahlias are beautiful flowers with a wide range of colours and shapes. They bloom abundantly in summer and can withstand the heat well. Dahlias have sturdy stems and can last a long time if you cut them regularly and change the water. They are perfect for creating colourful and vibrant bouquets that reflect the summer mood.

  3. Lavender: Lavender is known not only for its wonderful fragrance, but also for its durability in summer. This aromatic flower thrives in warm and dry conditions. Lavender can be used in bouquets, but also as decorative bundles or to create a relaxing atmosphere in the home. Make sure you store lavender in a cool place to avoid drying out.

  4. Alstroemeria: Alstroemeria, also known as the lily of the Incas, is a flower that is long-lasting and resistant to hot weather. This flower has sturdy stems and comes in a variety of colours, making it a versatile choice for summer bouquets. Alstroemerias tend to open slowly, so you can enjoy them for longer.

  5. Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are flowers associated with autumn, but summer-flowering varieties are also available. These flowers can withstand warm weather and have a long life. Chrysanthemums come in various colours and shapes, allowing you to create different arrangements that reflect the summer splendour.

Conclusion: Although the summer heat can be challenging for fresh flowers, there are several varieties that thrive in hot conditions and last a long time. Sunflowers, dahlias, lavender, alstroemeria and chrysanthemums are just a few examples of flowers you can choose to bring the beauty of the season indoors. Enjoy the colours, scents and vibrancy of these long-lasting flowers and give your home a summer touch that keeps on shining.

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