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Wrapping paper and hobby foil are both materials used for wrapping and decorating gifts and other creative projects. You buy them cheaply and quickly at, your favourite online flower shop.

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Wrapping paper and hobby foil are both materials used for wrapping and decorating gifts and other creative projects. Here is some information about these two materials:

Wrapping paper:

  1. Variety of designs: Wrapping paper is available in a wide range of designs, patterns and colours. You can choose from classic motifs such as stripes, polka dots, checks, flowers and animal prints, as well as seasonal designs for holidays such as Christmas, birthdays and weddings.

  2. Material: Wrapping paper is usually made of thin paper, often with a glossy finish. It can also be made from recycled or eco-friendly paper for a more sustainable option.

  3. Width and length: Wrapping paper comes in different widths and lengths, so you can adjust it to the size of the gift you are wrapping. It can be bought in single sheets or in rolls.

  4. Application: Wrapping paper is used to wrap gifts and hide what is inside. It can also be used for other decorative purposes, such as making greeting cards, scrapbooking or making table decorations.

Hobby foil:

  1. Colour and finish: Hobby foil, also known as hobby thread, is a thin and flexible material available in different colours and finishes. You can choose from metallic foil, holographic foil, glossy foil and matt-coloured foil.

  2. Flexibility and malleability: Hobby film can easily be shaped and folded to the desired shape. This makes it ideal for creating decorative elements such as bows, curls, flowers, ornaments and other creative designs.

  3. Application: Hobby foil is used for various decorative and craft projects. It can be used to decorate gifts, brighten floral arrangements, make party decorations, embellish scrapbook pages, make cards and much more.

  4. Combinations: Hobby foil can also be combined with other materials, such as ribbon, beads, paper and fabric, to make unique and eye-catching creations.

Both wrapping paper and hobby foil are available in the online shop of, your favourite online florist. They offer a wide range of possibilities to express your creativity and present your gifts and decorations in a personal and festive way.

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