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Baskets and planters are popular accessories in gardens, balconies and interiors. You buy them in all shapes, types and sizes in MyFlowers' online flower shop.

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Baskets and planters are popular accessories in gardens, balconies and interiors. They are used to contain and display plants, creating an attractive and organised environment. Here are some important points to know about baskets and planters:

  1. Material: Baskets and planters can be made of different materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramic or even woven materials like wicker and rattan. Each material has its own aesthetic appeal and functional properties.

  2. Function: Baskets and planters serve as containers for plants and flowers. They help organise and arrange plants in a way that is visually appealing. Moreover, they also provide a limited amount of space for roots to grow and retain water.

  3. Styles and designs: Different styles and designs are available to suit different preferences and needs. You can choose from hanging baskets for sprucing up a porch or balcony, square or rectangular planters for clean lines, or even raised planters for easy gardening at height.

  4. Drainage: Good drainage is essential for healthy plant growth. Many planters and baskets have drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess water to drain away. This prevents plants from drowning in excessively wet conditions.

  5. Maintenance: Baskets and planters also require some maintenance. Checking the water level regularly and watering the plants according to their needs is important. You should also ensure that baskets and planters remain clean and free of weeds.

  6. Combinations and arrangements: Baskets and planters can be used to combine different plants and flowers into attractive arrangements. By combining different colours, heights and textures, you can create beautiful displays that enhance your garden or interior.

Using baskets and planters offers countless opportunities to add greenery to your surroundings and add a personal touch to your garden or interior. It is a fun way to display plants and add a touch of natural beauty to any space.

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